Get the best London Hotel Deals with these tips

Planning for a London trip? Booking a hotel? Wait! Are you sure you have got the right hotel? Have you searched rightly?


  • If you are booking online, never make it too fast. Search and search and search and you won’t be exhausted for sure. After all you are within the comfort of your house. You have all the privilege to search anywhere. So search adequately.
  • Comparison shopping! Ahh, this can help you a lot. If you are looking for budget hotels, make sure you compare the service charges of a number of hotels before booking.
  • Check from their user reviews whether they have a friendly ambiance or not. Though it isn’t required as all hotel staffs are very professional in this regard. But still client testimonials can give you a clear insight regarding the services provided and in case of any problem how sound is the authority in solving the problem.


Simply London Hotels is a hotel booking agency in London and offers the best London hotel deals. For more information regarding the booking procedure browse through its official website.


What are the benefits of booking cheap hotels in London?

There are many such benefits! Contrary to the belief of many, cheap hotels provide a number of facilities to the accommodators. Those who are unaware of the various benefits of living in a cheap hotel must go through the points mentioned below:


You can feel at home

When do you feel at home? When you get homely facilities like fooding, bedding, comfort and privacy you surely get the feeling of being at own home; within own comfort zone. And what if all these are available in the best price? Similarly cheaper ones offer the best hotel deals in London. Though this place is well known for its deluxe and high end luxurious hotels, but budget hotels are the most sought after in this city. What’s the reason for that? It’s simple! People from all over the world, visit this place. All through the year, the city witnesses a large inflow of tourists from every nook and corner of the world. And while on a trip, everyone focuses on the visits and sightseeing rather than living in expensive hotels. If you are a savvy traveller you will never deny this. Would you?


They are extremely budget friendly

Though its price is much less than the luxurious counterparts; but cheap hotels in London do not lag behind in offering the best services. You can enjoy many facilities being here. Starting from bedding till breakfast, lunch and dinner, these budget hotels offer the basic hotel services to all its customers. Hence, even if you are on a tight budget and feel that it would really be a tough time to manage in this expensive city, do not worry; cheap accommodations will be your saviour at this point. The comforts provided here have a great value for money.


They are usually centrally placed

This is the most important feature of these cheap hotels. These hotels are centrally located in the posh areas of the city. Hence staying here, you can easily access the important landmarks of this place. Majority of the hotels are even at a walking distance from the major tourist destinations. Apart from this, you can also find some hotels a little bit far from the urban London. If you have already visited this place, staying in these lesser tourist areas, you can experience the liveliness of the London countryside.

These are some of the important advantages of living in a cheap hotel in London. The next major concern is how to find the best hotel deals. It is quite simple. Browse through the internet and list out some of the best budget hotels. You can also talk to a booking agency in this regard.

How can you find Cheap Accommodation Option at London?

People usually look for affordable accommodation options on a travel trip. Why? Who cares for living in luxurious hotels and spending huge bucks in it rather than visiting the place? Accommodation is one of the least spent but highly pondered over criteria for every traveller. All the fun of the travel depends on it. Unless and until, you have a nice place to stay you can’t enjoy your trip. The wandering mind and body needs some rest after all!



With an endeavour of adding more flexibility in the travel budget of the visitors, business minds and hoteliers in London planned to setup cheap hotels within the city. London is one of the heavily visited tourist places in the world. Everyday people throng in from all corners of the world, to get a glimpse of the much acclaimed city of the world. There’s a growing demand for hotels, specifically those that can be afforded by majority of the travellers. Hence grew a chain of affordable/cheap/discount/budget hotels.



Being cheap doesn’t compromise on the comfort!

Many have a wrong notion that anything that is cheap will surely affect the comfort of the user. This isn’t true always! Anything that is associated with a heavy price tag can’t always give you solace and happiness. Similar is the case of cheap hotels in London. Though you are charged less, but none of your comfort is hampered. These hotel authorities strive to provide proper accommodation to the inmates and ensure they have a better stay during the trip.

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There are many, how to know which one’s best!

This isn’t difficult if you search it in the right way! Start the hunting process much before your trip. Browse the internet and go through the business portfolio of various such hotels. Go through their services, their charges and the facilities they offer. You can call it comparison shopping. Moreover, if you aren’t confident of getting the best one, ask a travel and tour operator. These companies can help you in getting a room as well as booking cabs and taxis for you; all within your budget! Due to utmost reliability majority of the travellers are opting for getting all their bookings done in advance through such agencies.


By now, you must have understood the basics about cheap and budget hotels in London and the various ways to find the best one. There are a number of such hotels in London, one of which is Simply London.

Find the Best Cheap Hotel near London

As per a recent survey, London has been named as the “swankiest” holiday destination followed by Dubai and New York. The survey was based on factors like five star hotel searches, celebrity pull, spectacular scenery and cosmopolitan claims. But after thorough research it was proved that five star hotel searches can’t be a justified factor, as majority of the travelers are not interested in spending money on hotels, rather they are much interested to visit the city.

London is a dream destination! This capital city of England every year attracts a number of tourists. But since it is a very expensive city to live, travelers cut down their expenses by looking for a cheap hotel. Moreover be it London or any other destination, a cheap hotel forms a base for exploring the tourist place. It’s all about viewing the scenic and contemporary beauty of a distant place, so what’s the matter if you live in a cheap hotel or a 5 star one. But the former is genuine, if discussed from the traveling point of view.

London hotels

If you have vacation plans this year for London, and have a tight budget, the following points are for you:

•Go through a number of hotels available in the city. Just a minute, when would you do it? After going there! No, No. Do it before you start your trip. Once you book your tickets for London, sit down in your front of computer and Google your query for cheap hotels in London. You will get a plethora of options. Check out all of them. Compare their room service charges and other miscellaneous services they offer. Customer reviews and feedback are an added advantage in this case. Go through it too! It can give you a hint regarding the drawbacks in the hotel service as well as the promptness with which the hotel authority solve the query.

•Live within the heart of the city. Living here has its own benefits. Living at the center of any city provides excellent transportation facility. Being at the center makes it easy to access to rest other parts of the city. In London you can find a number of centrally located cheap hotels. Therefore keep this factor in mind before booking for a hotel in London.

Make your London trip the most enjoyable one even with a tight budget. Get a long cherished memory of being in one of the hottest tourist destinations of the world.

If you are planning for a London trip and are looking for cheap hotels, contact Simply London. This is a hotel booking agency, which provides affordable accommodation option to the clients.

Find out Suitable Deals to Visit London

London is one of the beautiful oriental and cosmopolitan cities of the world.  People throughout the world wish to visit this city.  London people are very patriot and they follow their tradition very stringently.  This is a place where still royal family has retained its status and respect in the hearts of London people.  It is also one of the expensive cities of world.  Visiting London for a traveler means planning for a costly trip as the cost of hotel rooms are quite expensive compared with other hotels in cosmopolitan cities.  Recent days have witnessed financial crunch that affects hotel business by and large.

Visiting London and finding out the hotel deals is not an easy job for the people who visit London for the first time.  Those who are visiting London for the first time can ask their relatives, friends or colleague about hotel deals.  They can visit London Hotels with comfort if they know London Hotel offers.  Hotels in London are offering big discounts for the people who visited London to attract customers into their hotels.  People can check with for the details.  They are one of the booking agents and they have got list of 400 to 450 properties in London to suggest their clients.  They can ably guide people according to their budget so that none will return with a disappointment.

Another tip for the people who visit for the first time, enquire about the rates and decide your staying period in London, preplan your budget so that you will not suffer in the London.  London is highly populous city and one can get wonderful experience in visiting the city.  London offers so many types of deals for all types of budget.  People can get accommodation according to their budget.  In a way it is budget friendly city.  Rates of the rooms are fixed according to their location, but in spite every things one can find budget friendly hotels in most of the areas.

London is a very old and ancient city dates back earlier roman period.  This is a place where uniform mix of modern and ancient tradition can be found.  Hotel deals and offers can be had from the  Hotel Deals in London begins with somewhere around 65 pounds.  All hotels can be booked in advance through online.  On arrival by showing proper authentication or email receipt at the reception they can occupy the rooms.

When you approach you can get experience and first hand information, Great Value London offers free night stays and some hotels offer free breakfast.  Pricing includes tax and other fees.  The site has list of top rated hotels with star ratings for the convenience of their clients so that their clients can book in advance in the desired hotels.  They can go through hotels details on internet.  When you go through the details it will enable you to decide the place where you want to stay and which hotel is suitable for your budget, availability of the hotels rooms, each and every detail will be in your hands within minutes.  You need to go through all these details so that it will be highly beneficial for you when you visit London.

Cut down the percentage of expenditure on accommodation

London is the most preferred tourist destination for the people of the different corners of the world with its in numerous historical as well as modern attractions. The visitors regularly come here; mostly prefer discount hotels in London. These hotels are no less than any luxury hotels in any aspect. You can book these hotels online some weeks before your trip. These hotels have all the modern amenities and an exciting ambiance surrounds it.

London has something for everyone. The capital city of the United Kingdom has a number of historical monuments, parks, gardens, art galleries and music halls. Besides it is a house of many sports complexes. Some of these sports are the major visitor attraction of this city. Though this city has many luxurious hotels available for its tourists, a budget hotel would more preferable to you if you have a limited budget.

As the vibrant city offers a great many number of cheap hotels, you do not have to expend a lot on your accommodation. Go online if you want to find out a hotel that will best suit your budget and comfort. If you are making your trip in the summer or winter then, the chances of getting hotels at discount rates are many. Even these hotels costs less it never compromises in maintaining its quality. Besides quality, you can find these hotels are placed in popular areas of the city.

You will be able to get the central London hotels by searching on the internet. The London hotel offers transportation service to some of the most viewed tourists’ destination of the city. Visitors keep coming to London throughout the year from different countries and continents to explore its art and culture. So there might be a chance of room scarcity if you do not book the hotels in advance. There are certain times in the year when visitors face the problem of room shortages. So try to reserve the hotel rooms beforehand. You can find the hotel of your choice if you book it in advance.

Booking advance will offer you a great number of options of cheap hotels in London. Thus you can find the best deal among them. In this way you can get the hotels you are expected and save a percentage of money on accommodation.

Some of the places you must visit during your stay in London are Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, British museum established in the year 1753, Hyde parks etc. Enjoy some of the upcoming events to be held in the month of July are British summer time festival on 5th July, the rolling stones on 6th July and Hyde Park comedy on 8th July.

Affordable stay at cheap London hotels

London is a beautiful city located on the river Thames. This city is well connected with the rest of the world. Though the city is an expensive one, the cheap London hotels offer very comfortable and affordable staying here.

Apart from accommodation this city offers many things to see. Some are listed below.





Art galleries:-
There are many free art galleries in London housing some of the finest works in the world. Tate Britain and Tate Modern are some of the outstanding art galleries here. Tate Britain shows British art of the sixteenth century while Tate modern houses contemporary art.

Gardens and Parks of London:-
The gardens as well as parks of London are wonderful. The Queen Mary’s rose garden in Regent’s park is very attractive. Other famous parks and gardens are Hyde Park, Kensington Garden, St. James’s park etc.

Trafalgar Square:-
This was designed by John Nash in the year 1820. This is one of the major visitor attractions in Britain. You can find the national Gallery and Nelson’s Column here on this popular square.

Street Markets:-
This city is famous for popular street markets. Some of the most popular markets here are Portobello market, Camden market and Greenwich market.
London offers something special for everyone. If you are visiting London with your big kids, they would experience many things in this lively city enjoying stay at central London hotel. Here are some ideas that will make your children happy.

Madam Tussauds:-
All of us like to meet and get close to the celebrities while teenagers are crazy to meet some big names. When you reach here, you will enjoy some music playing here. You can get opportunities to meet your favorite pop stars or actors and can capture the moment with a camera.

Ice cream:-
Ice cream is a thing that is liked by everyone, a kid or an older person. You will find many places for ice cream. Freshly prepared ice cream is served there. The children would like to enjoy the special fresh ice creams.

Dress shopping:-
There you will find several clothing stores where you find very cheap fashion clothes in the latest styles. The teenagers like to do clothes shopping and when they come here, they want to shop something fashionable that they don’t have.

The London Dungeon:-
This would be a scary fun for your children as they have already grown up. They would love to be scared. Growing children like horror movies very much as it is the perfect age. They would not be frightened of going this place rather it would be a scary entertainment for them. The actors here are very entertaining.