Welcome to Reserve Hotel

Hotel discounts and deals as standard.

Welcome to our new reservation site, we have been working very hard to improve the look and feel of our site to help you find the perfect hotel anywhere in the world. Reserve-Hotel.com is the cure for boring travel — the one-stop prescription shop for the jaded and hurried traveler. We can’t tell you who you should be traveling with, and frankly, it’s none of our business; and airline travel has become commoditized. In the area of choosing a hotel and getting the best price for it, however, we feel we have some expertise to offer.

Years in hospitality

Reserve-Hotel.com is a division of Turquoise Travel and Tours Ltd. – the travel experts who have been judiciously recommending Hotels and Apartments the world over for business and leisure travel. Many years of exclusive experience in hotel reservations has enabled us to learn region specific tastes and needs of guests. Along with its associate, Turquoise Tours successfully operates multiple country/city specific Websites specialising in Hotel/Apartment reservations.

Economies of scale

The large size of our operations across the globe gives us tremendous power to negotiate the best Hotel rates for customers. Surely, you will seldom find rates that are below the tariffs showing on our website, in case of such an occurrence, please read our price guarantee for more details.

The right advice…

Apart from the money savings, you save on time in finding the right Hotel for your specific needs. In case you are unable to decide on the ideal Hotel, get it touch with our Hotel Experts who will guide you to find the perfect one, depending upon your needs and preferences.

Reliable people

We’re here to help you through the reservation process. Our customer service department is on par with the best concierge services, offering fast and professional help. This is not scripted customer service, outsourced to some mulch-purpose call center in Houston or Bangalore — our staffers are savvy international travelers in their own right, and you won’t encounter a problem they can’t solve. If you need assistance with a booking, just click on the Customer Service links throughout the site or contact us.

All this might be expected to come at a price, but Reserve-Hotel.com offers the cheapest rates anywhere on the internet, please see our price guarantee, and often lower. Our relatively exclusive selection means we have time to develop close working relationships with our hotels, and ensure that we have access to their best rates. In fact, we are so confident about our pricing achievements that we have launched our Reserve-Hotel.com Price Guarantee — if you can find a lower rate for the same hotel, room type, and dates and conditions, then let us know, and we will do our best to match it. Furthermore, we are offering rebate programs for corporate clients, as well as a simple method for booking large group requests.


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